Building an agile and professional librarian team

An Interview with Shabeer Khan, Director of Research Services at Morrison & Foerster LLP As an English major with a love of reading, Shabeer subsequently earned his master’s degree in Library and Information Science from St. John’s University. In his current position as director of research services at Morrison & Foerster, Shabeer leverages his 30+... Continue Reading →


Key landmark cases of Mr. Ram Jethmalani

KM Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra in which he was the prosecutor Jethmalani, who shifted his legal practice from Karachi to Bombay after partition, shot to limelight with his appearance in the Nanavati case. In that case, K M Nanavati, a Naval Commander, was tried for the charge of murdering Prem Ahuja, his wife's lover.... Continue Reading →

Just Stamp it!

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method based on the consent of the parties, which is often preferred to domestic judicial systems for the resolution of disputes arising from commercial/contractual relationships. A dispute may be settled by arbitration where the parties have voluntarily entered into an arbitration agreement. Thus, as long as the subject matter... Continue Reading →

Law Tech: Revolutionizing Legal Practice!

Has the Indian legal practice really developed in terms of welcoming legal tech into its daily working? Recent trends suggest that globalization has triggered a tremendous spat of growth for Indian law firms and organizations, yet digital transformation in the Indian legal sector is erratic if not sporadic. Date management, machine learning, case studies, e-filing,... Continue Reading →

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