Becoming a lawyer

“You have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having” – Frank Lloyd Wright. Becoming a lawyer requires knowledge, interest, ambition and dedication. The number of students taking up law as a career is increasing over years. Every student who aspires to become a lawyer has to write the various entrance exams in our country. This include CLAT, AILET, NLUD,LSAT, few colleges like symbiosis, Christ, Kerala law academy etc have their own entrance test, there are also common law entrance to get into the government law colleges of their State. CLAT, the Common Law Admission Test will help students to get into the National law schools in India. The subjects covered under these exams include English, General knowledge, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics. As on date, there are 15 National law schools in India. Earlier, it was mandatory for everyone to complete their undergraduate degree in any field to pursue legal course. Today, law colleges offer 5 year/ 3 year LLB degree.5 year LLB degree is an integrated course which the students can go directly after completing their pre-college. 3 year LLB course is offered to students who have completed their degree in any field. It is a common fear that, students who took up science stream, find difficulties in law school, but the truth is that there is no such difference once you enter a law school. Some colleges also offer online or distant education for law course.

Life at law school gives you a lot of experience. The 5 years is very important as it moulds a person as a lawyer. Every day spent at the campus has to be fruitful. There are many exciting factors in a law school, as well as there are certain basic things that have to be done during the time spent at law school. Firstly, the shift from school to college will bring in a sense of maturity. There are lots of activities happening in law colleges like moot Courts, debates, oratorical competitions, model United Nations, seminars, and conferences. Every student should try to participate in such competitions, this will help them improve their speaking, research and analytical skills as it is very important qualities required to be a successful lawyer. This will also help in building confidence. Many colleges organizes various events, students can also be part of this to build their leadership qualities. Apart from competitions, internships are also equally important in a law school life. Many colleges have made internships mandatory. This will give students an insight into real court scenario. Students follow a specific pattern for interning, there are various option like interning with NGOs, advocates, law firms, judicial clerkships, research institutes etc. They also get chance to do online internships and gain a lot of experience. Moreover, every student should try to expand their contacts during their law school life. As wide network of contacts is very important for every lawyer.

Having a bachelor degree in law does not make a person complete lawyer. Each state requires law school graduates to pass the bar exam in order to practice in Courts. You can apply to appear for the first All India Bar Examination only if you have enrolled with a State Bar Council. The exam contains 100 questions from various law subjects. Being a good lawyer is different from being a great lawyer.

Lawyer as a profession is very exciting. The profession is of service nature but at the same time gives fame and money too. There are few qualities or attributes that’s a lawyer should possess.

  • A lawyer should be very patient. He should listen to his client’s story wholly and patiently.
  • A lawyer should be a good public speaker, also a good writer. He should know to write precisely and clearly.
  • A lawyer should be a good interpreter. He should be able to interpret whatever he reads.
  • A lawyer not only masters law, as the case demands he has to learn new subjects. Therefore a lawyer should have lot of Perseverance. He will have to spend hours on studying the case.
  • A lawyer should always try to uphold the professional ethics, like collecting reasonable fees, by keeping up the confidentiality of the clients etc.

Besides being practicing lawyer there are various other options available. Law as a career is very wide. This include corporate firms, law firms, law journalist, judicial service, public sector undertakings, legal academician, NGO’S, Legal process outsourcing, Social activism, Public prosecutors. In fact, many great politicians of our country are also lawyers. Therefore, law does not limit any person to the courts, there is much beyond courts.

by Aswany


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