Choosing any field as your profession is not an easy task. One has to earnestly decide on how he or she wants to see them in future and what amount of success they need to achieve and how, be it any profession!

Law is that one field where one decides to fight not for their own justice but for the justice to be done to others. This is one of the colorless field, you do not have to be fashionable one to be in this field. Even a person in khadi dhoti will be eligible to raise his voice in the courtroom.

For years, people have seen the scene of the courtrooms in movies, a cream-color painted room with wooden seating and a huge stage set for the Judge to sit, few people sitting at the seat as audience and in between two people arguing fiercely with other to prove each-other wrong. To be frank, if one is fantasized by this view then yes few dreams will be broken. If you are not fantasized yet then no issues because there is more to the life of a lawyer than shown in movies, plus, life is not as easy as it seems to be. Fighting and striving for justice for their clients is the motto of any lawyer and in this era it can be done either by hook or crook.

Law is one prestigious field, many freedom fighters and famous personalities have graduated as lawyers and have been successful one of their times. Also the career is known for its richness, the bigger you become the better you earn. So let us now see how to become a lawyer.

No magic words are present in any books which will make you eligible to stand as a Lawyer but your decision to be one would certainly do. Some decide to be lawyers when they are in their school while other after their graduation. Deciding at an early age would save your time because you can pursue a five year integrated course after your plus two else you have to do three years LLB after your graduation.

There are no essential requite qualities which are needed to be present in a person to be a lawyer. There are people who are forced to be lawyer but somehow even they manage to pass their law school.

First of all you fill up entrance forms of various National Law School’s or Universities (NLU/NLS) and other private law school. To get yourself enrolled in any NLU you have to fill the form called Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), a test which is slightly difficult but if you study well you will of course make it to a law school you deserve. There are currently sixteen NLU’s in India. To get enrolled in National Law University Delhi (NLUD) a separate entrance exam is to be given. There is also an exam called as LSAT India which is an entrance test designed by the USA-based Law School Admission Council. Currently eighteen colleges are participating in this venture. Private Colleges like Symbiosis University, Amity University, Jindal University, NIRMA University etc. also conduct their law entrance exams for the same. These exams basically test areas like English, general awareness, legal aptitude, logical reasoning and mathematics. After getting selected in any of the law college you finally get over with the process of admission and congratulation, you have made it to law school. Your days to be lawyer have begun.

Life at law school is not an easy one; you have to continuously put in your efforts to be the best. College life at any field makes you a step closer to being mature. You learn new things, meet new people, socialize, get into controversies, make friends and enemies for life, you rise and fall and much more. One should be participative if he chooses to be a lawyer because you have already decided to be in a field where you will have to interact with new people every day.

In your college days you should give in your full efforts towards studies. Law subjects make you know the history of the development of the country, it helps you to know why few things happen in a particular way, it makes you know the law a society follows and how much difference is there in reading the law and practicing it. Apart from studies there are things like cultural activities, various societies, sports which one should always keep as an option; these can be used as an escape mechanism while in the hectic life of a law student.

Although one does not have to be a nerd to become a lawyer but with time one should always add onto his skills to be successful. Communication, reading, writing, researching and speaking are few of the core skills which one should always have a good grip of. Participating in Moot Court Competitions, Debate, Parliamentary Debates, Model United Nations (MUN), Seminars and workshops would always help you in developing your skills in this field. Writing research papers would also help you as it will help you in developing your opinions about a particular topic.

Internship is one very important aspect of this field. As mentioned earlier there is always a difference in studying a particular subject and practicing it. Same is the case with Law, when you study law and when you apply it practically there is always a difference. Law is a flexible field; amendments are the best example for this. In this dynamic law can never be certain it keeps on changing with the situation prevailing. Internships under lawyers, corporate houses, law firms, NGOs to gain knowledge and practice law which totally depend upon your choice. In many law school internships are taken very seriously and they are compulsory as a subject. Even students should take internships seriously as you never know you might get a job offer in a place you intern just because of your dedication towards law.

Well after passing all these hurdles and successfully completing your life at law school you can proudly add LLB after your name. After this you have to give a Bar Council Exam to be eligible to practice in courtroom, while there are many other options apart from litigation in this field. People also enroll themselves for higher studies in law i.e. LLM.

Law is one career backed by the beautiful pursuit of justice, go for it and you will never repent for the same.

by Priyanka Khare


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