Just sitting and thinking about my past CLAT’14 Memories and come up with the following points based on my own experience:
“Keeping in mind from now onwards only around 4 months (January, February, March and April) are left for the preparation.”
1. From the 5 subjects, there are only 2 subjects i.e. Maths and Analytical reasoning (not logical reasoning) in which we can get full marks and they are limited in a sense that if we start from now onwards and complete each chapter on a daily basis so that we get assured that if a question comes from that chapter then definitely we can solve it (like today if we’ve done a chapter on ‘permutation & combination’ and learnt the formulas or method to solve the question then it is sure that we can solve the question on that) and same is the case with Analytical reasoning part (it is to be note down that from past years CLAT paper analytical reasoning is dominating the 40 marks reasoning part).
Another important thing is that unlike logical reasoning, legal aptitude and English, where most probably we stuck in two or three option while deciding the answer of the question or we get confused which is the most probable answer, which is not in the case of maths, analytical reasoning and GK where either we get the answer or don’t get.
2. Another thing we can do is that reading daily a newspaper especially the editorial part (and it’ll be great if we are reading it with timer). This will improve our reading speed and by the time we realize that our current affairs part is also done.
The reading speed part is important for those who are not able to read quickly. As this is the case with me, this I get to know about when after two or three mocks I realized that I’m not able to read 200 question, which is a big drawback for me and even in CLAT 2014 I missed 4 question which I’m not able to read. Here, I’m talking about reading not solving the question.
3. GK: static general knowledge plus current affairs. For current affairs, newspaper is going to play an important role. If one is reading newspaper from the beginning of this year then I think he is done with current affairs section. Now, if someone is starting preparation from now, then he can only complete current affairs part for only these four months. So, to complete it I know about one magazine which I get to know about it from some couching institute, i.e. named CLAT by Achievers Guild which I think is exhaustive for a CLAT aspirant. And on the other hand elementary static GK comes, so no need to get in much depth and also because now we don’t have much time left.
4. Logical reasoning: last year from this section only syllogism came which I think it is not a big deal and can be solved if one get acquainted with how to deal with those types of questions. As I earlier said logical reasoning is that part where I think that in most cases we don’t know, “what the right answer is?” So, I would suggest that solving questions and questions on it and try to read out these types of question quickly can be helpful.
5. English: Reading newspaper will complete our passage, word meaning, Spelling and para-jumble section. And for foreign words we can learn a comprehensive list which includes commonly used foreign words.
6. Legal aptitude: One formula which I would suggest for this section is that just “solving and practising as many questions as you can”.
Because what I think is that generally law entrance exams are testing how to apply the principle or law? Not what is the law?
So no need to go in so much of theory like torts, criminal law etc. (go ahead with some short notes if you can get them).
7. Negative marking: Here there is no need to worry about it, as 0.25 -ve marking is not a big issue. As in my CLAT’14, I tick marked all 196 questions (as said earlier I missed 4 questions to read otherwise I’ve tick marked all 200 questions).

Note: As above all these points are based on my experience, so these suggestions may vary from student to student.

by Amit Singhal

* Student, 2nd year, B.A.LL.B. (Hons.), National Law Institute University (NLIU), Bhopal.


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