Top 10 Law collages In India

History :

The Government Law college (GLC) , MUMBAI is the one of the oldest government  law college in Asia Founded in 1855 it is affiliated by the UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI .  It has been referred as “Unarguable Giant In Indian Legal Education ”  It is a best campus with best placement and affordable fees too .

The National School Of India University (NLSIU) , Bangalore . is the one of the oldest  national law college of India . It is founded in 1987 and Dr. BR.AMBEDKAR was a principal of this college.  Getting admission in this university is a dream of every student and can get into it only by clearing CLAT exams  .

Before discussing about law collages we just take a overview of law what is law basically ?

law :

  • It means a principle governing law action or procedure.
  • Any written or positive rule or collection of rules prescribed under the authority of the state or nation, as by the people in its constitution.[1]

so these definitions make u clear about what law actually is.

So here are the ranking of some top 10 law colleges .

  1. NLSIU BANGLORE (estd: 1987)
  3. National Law University , Jodhpur  (estd: 1999)
  4. Nalsar University of Law . Hyderabad . (estd: 1998)
  5. Faculty Of Law , Delhi. (estd: 1924)
  6. National Law University Delhi , Delhi (estd: 2008)
  7. National Law Institute University , Bhopal. (estd: 1997 )
  8. Gujarat National Law University , Gandhinagar . (estd: 2003)
  9. Hidayatullah National Law University , new raipur. (estd: 2003)
  10. Goverment Law Collage, Mumbai. (estd: 1855)

Procedure to get into these colleges .

In most of the colleges CLAT is the only way to get into these colleges the more better marks you score more are the chances to get into it for example out of 200 you have to secure at least 120 to get into any of these  top 10 colleges . for the reservation community criteria is different for them the score is little bit lower as comparative to the  general category student .  and there are some exams for private university which take the admission through the score of CLAT. so it is the only gateway to get into these prestigious colleges.

How we have  ranked  these colleges :

These colleges are ranked on the basis of their  alumni , Placement , Packages , faculty.

Alumni : The student which is passed out from there colleges are the only one who represent their colleges in the market s they are the assets of collages . The more better they perform more are the chance of their junior to get better placement .

Placement : more the placement of student from a single colleges more are the chances to get more new admissions as student attract more toward the collages which provide more placement opportunity.

Packages : Sometimes Quality of package also matter if provide good packages then more reputation of your college will increase .

Faculty  : These are the person  which show the student a way to reach his  desired destination  some sometimes faculty are also considered for these criteria .

So all the above things plays a very crucial role to rank a college .






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