Social Media Specialist

Note: This is a contractual/freelance role. 

Social Media is all about people, conversations and building relationships.  A Social Media Specialist is actually the face of the organization on the e-platform. What you write, publish, share and like and how you comment and respond to fans’ queries can make or break an organization’s image. As a Social Media Specialist, you need to love using social media, be sociable and work like the way social media works. What we need is a person who is highly motivated, passionate about work (doesn’t do it for the heck of doing it), would love to take on responsibilities and carry out those with proficiency and dedication, and finally understand the requirements of the fans and respond accordingly in time.

  • Generate, edit, publish and share daily content (text, images, video or content) on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) on a daily basis
  • Responding to customer queries online within stipulated timing
  • Should listen, respond, ask questions and engage with our audience
  • Create, manage and implement all online contests and campaigns on social media
  • Understand social analytics tools and compile social media report.
  • Upload and manage content (article, newsletter, press releases, event invites, etc.) on BlogSpot and WordPress
  • Track, analyze and report performance of content marketing campaigns periodically to consistently improve and grow engagement


Would be good if knows

  • designing (i.e. Facebook Timeline cover, profile photos, thumbnails, post images, event images, contest images, etc.) as to whether is a photo is fit to be shared on social media or not and can make minor changes like resizing.
  • how to do submissions on concerned sites – PR, Image, Video, PPT and URL



  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word,
  • Proficiency with publishing and designing tools on BlogSpot, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Possess analytical skills – Understands the concepts of Likes, Reach, and Engagement


What this has got for you?

  • You need to work all the days, but the best part is if you work dedicatedly, it just takes a couple of hours a day.
  • You can monitor your work anywhere anytime – what you need is just a mobile device.
  •  You get to attend a lot of events, meet intelligent people, interact with the best of minds and experience a good working environment.
  •  If you are ready to learn, then this is a place you can grow a grey hair of knowledge.
  •  You get to work with supportive seniors and understanding colleagues


“Not to forget social media is among the top 10 fastest growing jobs.”

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