Favorite Law-related Website Content

“Law school is not a walk in the park. It’s a jungle out there, and you’ve to be savvy to survive.”

Law is a diversified field and a law student must be competent enough to be aware of the entire recognized field like he must excel in increasing his grades in the classroom, must be talented enough for legal research, qualified enough for upcoming moot court and all other events happening in and out of the campus. And to be more expert in these expertise areas a law student requires good website contents to surf on, talking about my favorite law related websites which make me up to dated about all of the law related events happening in and outside of the campus area is “Lawctopus.com[1], Internshala.com[2], LegallyIndia.com, LiveLaw.in[3] and etc.”

Initially talking about be it, Moot Courts, Essay writing, Call for papers, Internships, Seminars, Law courses and other opportunities too, Lawctopus is the best guide I have ever come across.

Lawctopus is a website for each and every law students in India. Being a legal website it contains all the updates related with the law context explaining all of the above mentioned key terms. This website is really very useful tool for getting always updated about the events upcoming.

Ø    Lawctopus and its Contents: describing about the efficiency of the website, let us understand it in a brief context.

  • Opportunities: Call for papers, Essay writing competition, Seminars, Law Courses, law school fests, Moot Courts, Fellowships, Parliamentary Debates, MUNs and each and every opportunity which a personal can utilize. Therefore Lawctopus is what I think is “everything under one roof” which a student look for.
  • Internship Experiences: Being a law student a student must do his internship from the best places of his subject areas. And therefore Lawctopus is again a helping hand to guide a student to look for what internship by sharing its exceptional tool like its internship experiences shared by law students who share their personal experience which they got from doing an internships. Lawctopus gives internship experiences of law students at various places like Lawyers, Legal firms, NGOs, Companies.
  • Personal Blogs: Lawctopus with all of the above opportunities also provides personal blogs through which it publishes write-ups and provide platform to law students to express their views and write-ups through these blogs.
  • Career Advice: Lawctopus also imprint a website which not only provide career opportunities but it also guides, advice, entitled, and direct about careers in the legal background. Through its career advice section it provides healthy articles which act as a guiding archives to the law students about their careers. Advice related to internships, mooting, career options in law, sample CV, Moot Court Memo, and also very important internship contact details divided accordingly as per the subject area of interests like law firms, NGOs, Companies, lawyers etc.
  • Law School News: with the advice, guidance, opportunities it also promotes news related with the law school premises covering events and opportunities in the premises of law school. Therefore again this helps to be aware of events happening outside one’s law school area also. So that students must be aware of all the opportunities coming in his way.
  • Events Calendar: Lawctopus also publishes its event calendar which provides monthly assignments to be completed by any law students. This is again a very helpful tool in assessment of the completion of the task.
  •  Job Opportunities: Lawctopus also provides Job opportunities to all those law graduates who have completed their course of law. Therefore Lawctopus is one of the effective and efficient website which helps each and every person who is in need and is under the law background.

For me and I suppose for all those who want to look for everything at one place will like websites like “Lawctopus.com, Internshala.com, LegallyIndia.com, LiveLaw.in and etc.” which helps in acting as a guiding star to the all law school students who really want to excel in their field of interest. I discussed about Lawctopus here at first and the website like livelaw.in also functions as a platform from where any person will be well-informed about current news and updates happening in the country.

Ø    Livelaw.in[4] and its Contents: being a law student a person must be well aware of the day to day happening. Therefore livelaw act as one of the best assistance in making aware of the latest news and legal background. Livelaw is a website which comprises of Legal news in India Law Firm, Law school News, Interviews of different law dignitaries, Job updates and many more. It also functions similar to the functioning of the Lawctopus the main idea behind all of the above mentioned websites is to guide, advice, make aware of the day to day happening and also to promote legal professionalism through various interviews, career guidance and blog posts.

Conclusion: Therefore every law students must be aware of these websites to make avails the benefits of standing in a crowd holding a different and unique identity. I am not saying just surfing and making use of these law websites help you to stand unique but yeah at least surfing these websites and utilizing the benefits which they provide will for sure help you to be a distinct person in a crowd of so many students having similar position and standing. Accordingly, if one wants to be different, excel and be talented and wants to wear a crown of success he must be aware of the entire above mentioned search engine to be supreme in their felids.

“Study in a way that works for you. Don’t give up the strategies that have been working for you until you achieve what you deserve.”

* Monika Bhakta is a top-notch 4th Year BA-LLB student from Lloyd Law College. She is profound of writing legal articles, to mention one at ipleaders “Does a Husband have to pay Alimony if Wife’s Adultery is Proved in Court?http://blog.ipleaders.in/paying-alimony-adultery-of-wife/ . She has also published research paper on “Evolution of Precedent in Indian Society: How, Where and by whom?” in International Journal of law and legal jurisprudence, Vol.3 Issue 1, ISSN2348-8212, She has worked at TD-SAT as a Research Scholar. Presently she is working as a College Ambassador for both Lawctopus and Lexis Nexis.

[1] http://www.lawctopus.com/

[2] http://internshala.com/

[3] http://www.livelaw.in/

[4] http://www.livelaw.in/


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