List of your Favorite Daily Online Reads


Legal language is a game of word which a lawman plays with wit, wisdom, intellect and humor.

Many a times we don’t know what we are reading is a real worth. But believe me nothing goes in vain. Whether you are reading a heated social topic or just a little joke, you may later use that joke as a quip. It’s just a matter of fact. The requirement is you must read on and on. The more you read, the more you’ll involve. The more you involve the less you’ll know. The less you know, the more you’ll want to know; and that’s how the thread moves on.

It is of no doubt that ‘law’ is a ‘law of words’[1]. One must understand the cut-throat competitiveness of today’s generation and therefore should try to grab and swallow as much as he/she can. To start with there are various online chain of thoughts that attract you per se your interest. But being a legal scholar one must restrict oneself to the enriching contents, specifically when your area of interest is research. At first I would recommend to start with the basic news reads, then the legal news threads and at the end indulge yourself into the search portals.

Basic News Reads – My personal favorites are THE HINDU[2] and JAGRAN JOSH[3]. These two are the best for daily news reads, as per my experience. Though people say that the language of The Hindu is quite tough but believe me it is not that tough. If you know simple English language then you are ready to start with it. Thereafter Jagron Josh is a compact form of newspaper. It is said to be a treasure box of knowledge. Here you can get current affairs, G.K., exam preparation corner, previous year papers and modules. It acts as a virtual hub of aspiring buddies from almost all fields esp. for civil services. If you sincerely follow the two abovementioned, then I can assure you that they have potential to take you to greater heights.

Legal News Threads – Since I am a legal scholar therefore next in my channel includes some basic legal newsrooms for updating your legal bijouterie. In this category I would like to mention LIVE LAW[4] and LEGALLY INDIA[5]. You may also refer BAR & BENCH[6]. All three are one of their kind. You can pick any and would not regret that. As the names suggest these sites contains legal updates of your social surrounding. It is important for you to be in touch of lex info as you won’t feel good if you are being made a laughing stock by your mates for not knowing the trivial legal issues.

Search Portals – Now this is what you have to make out yourself. There are many worthwhile online search portals that are especially designed for research scholars, practitioners, academicians, VCO’s, students and other stakeholders working in the field of law. These are LexisNexis, Westlaw India, Manupatra, JStor, ProQuest, Google Scholar, Project Muse, Google Insights. They are termed as the online academic library. All of them are the credible sources to find information, facts, anecdotes and incidents to complement insights of your legal research. For me, I use Lexis Nexis more often, as it provides more than 900 law reviews and journals. It contains more than 300 legal newspapers. Moreover it has U.S. Supreme Court decisions, Patents (from 1971 forward), law school Directories, the IRS bulletin, all Federal laws and regulations, Codes for all 50 states and territories, Decisions from Bankruptcy Courts, Courts of Customs and Patent Appeals and other Courts. From here you may retrieve prior and subsequent case history through renowned Shepard’s Citations, plus it contains European Union Law and Case law from International Court of Justice.[7] As you can see Lexis Nexis has the entire news library. Whether current or old, you may get it at once.  For availing the services of it you have to register based on your requirement of products and services. I have its full access at my law school campus. Lexis-Nexis is not like google search, it works on its unique pattern of research methodology. You have to take tutorial for that, at least once, in order to get what you want. It gives you the option of specified search from specific data resources of your choice. Rest of its outstanding usage you’ll get to know when you start using it. Well you should sincerely use it once, later you’ll automatically get addicted to it.

To conclude I’d like to quote –

A good case is lost by bad advocacy and a bad case is won by good advocacy[8]

Advocacy is an art. Efficiency of advocacy depends upon your language, usage of words and communication skills. No doubt you must be conversant with the legal terminology. A student of law should be familiar with the writings of the intricate problems of law and equipped with the faculty of articulation and sound writing. I’ve recently participated in Rule of Law Convention – 2015 organized by Bar Association of India, there the distinguished jurist Fali S. Nariman sir has said –“You all will be the student of law throughout your carrer, even I am a student too…” Thus we all should confront the reality that legal professionals are destined to the never ending process of examine, inspect and review of various legal aspects. And for this you have to dedicate yourself to the updated online contents. Virtual world is like a second home for a legal researcher. In order to excel in law you can’t compromise with rigorous reading and researching habits. I’ve provided some of the important daily online reads. Now it’s up to you. You may make most of it else keep it for future reference. But remember never pass your precious time, else one day, time will pass you by. Good luck!!.

[1] See Peter M. Tiersma, Legal Language, 1999.







[8] See Prof. Dr. K. L. Bhatia, Textbook on Legal Language and Legal Writing, Universal Law Publishers, 2013.


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