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My favorite Law related website is The Lawctopus website was founded by Tanuj Kalia, a NUJS Kolkata student with the help of his friends in year 2010.In 2010, when Tanuj and co. launched this website, he wanted to make this a website similar to the legallyIndia website. Recently, crossed its milestone set for it by its founding members, by securing a better rank than legallyIndia website in terms of top searched website’s rankings.

This was a brief introduction/background of lawctopus to all the readers. Initially,  was not as possible as it is today but the passion and efforts that Tanuj and co. put into its management and innovative style of reaching to its surfers, is the reason behind its popularity and strong fan following among the is a website, which is:

  • Students friendly.
  • No special registration/login Id etc. required.
  • Do not forces you to subscribe.
  • Every thing for a legal studies student is available at a single tip of the finger.
  • It is easier to use even in comparison to the many shopping sites.
  • Everything is systematically/ section wise arranged.

Only one thing that lacks in Lawctopus is that it is still to launch its app.I hope that very soon it will be done as well.

All in all I find Lawctopus  as a mixture of Google,Wikipedia,LinkdIn and Google map.With so many features and contents useful for a law student, I sometimes even find it as a full fledged online law college.If you are a law student and you wish to do something new like essay writing or youth parliament or you are a bit confused about your internship, then just open the lawctopus website and explore a vast new world full of opportunities waiting for you. Yeah, opportunities column is my favorite column in the Lawctopus website. At this young age everyone is somehow opportunist. So, keeping in mind, the needs and intellectual greed of the  young lawyers/legal experts/law associates and students the Opportunities section has further been divided into many parts like:

  • Call for papers
  • Essay competition
  • Courses
  • Internships
  • Moots
  • Job posts
  • Seminars

And a sea of opportunities waiting for law students to just explore it to the deepest as possible.All the  updates of legal field of India at one click,this is what Lawctopus stands for,this what lawctopus actually is.And I being a Lawctopus college manager find it a matter of proud for being a member of team Lawctopus and Team Tanuj Kalia.

Around 500 internship experiences,hundreds of law college reviews and 300+ internship related contacts,this is lawctopus.

Even you can submit a post to Lawctopus.Lawctopus is a platform for all the law colleges’ students of India to interact with each other’s environment and curriculum. Recently,Tanuj Kalia’s book Law as a career was published by Lexis Nexis and I personally find this book encouraging for all the students across our country.

Thank You

An article by Vishal Kumar Singh


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