LexisNexis expands Lexis® Practical Guidance portfolio with new offering addressing Contract and Contract Clause Bank

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded Lexis® Practical Guidance portfolio with one more module  – Commercial Contracts.
Drafting vetting and negotiations is the most time consuming activity for any in-house counsel. In fact, maximum personnel are dedicated for this activity only. Reading a contract line by line and modifying it in line with a company policy is a tedious task. This often leads to paucity of time to brush up negotiations skill over specific clauses.
Legal team is usually overburdened and under-resourced. This leaves very less room to develop and documents various clauses with alternative formats along with set of instructions. Even for an experienced person, it is difficult is keep the knowledge updated. Things become complex when a counsel is actually in a supervisory position and he/she needs to explain the position and reference is not handy.
Keeping all this in mind, we created this module with the crown jewel topics of Contract and Contract Clause Bank which will provide a detailed  coverage over all the essential elements of a contract. One will not only find a theoretical understanding over any topic but also various options of clause written in varying tone of strictness alongside drafting notes which will explain which option to choose when. We have attempted to provide the industry standards templates for ready use & action. 

Topics like Contract Breach and Contract Termination equip legal counsels not only with the knowledge around the complications that comes in handy at delicate time but also provide draft templates of different notices for you to response in a swift manner.
For specially MNCs, there is topic of International Contracts that is must watch out for. It explains the nitty-gritty of international transactions. Subtopics like Getting Deal Through gives you a comprehensive report of various business in different jurisdiction of the worlds.
The module on Commercial Contract is launched today & is available for public viewing & subscription.

This module is authored by:

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Get more details here @ http://www.lexispracticalguidance.in/commercial-contracts.php


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