Innovative practices and concepts introduced in the legal industry through digital advancement

The legal sector in India has finally got a grip on the technological enhancement and it has done so with élan!  The use of technological advancement in the legal sector represents a paradigm shift in the way they now function. Presently, the Indian legal profession is the second largest in the world and has garnered much fanfare and affirmation on its AI-related news.

One of the leading legal publishers and legal & business research solutions provider – LexisNexis India has recently launched Lexis Advance® India which vide visualization and centralization of data have made legal research and interaction between man and machine effective and resourceful.

The recent media frenzy around the birth of the Incubator by one of the Top Tier law firms in India, which is a platform for legal start-ups and integrates technology for legal solutions is another great milestone for the Indian legal sector’s technological developments.

The unprecedented rate in the exchange of legal services across nations – Arbitration, Intellectual Property Enforcement and Prosecution, Competition law, etc. – involve decentralised global integration.  With such clientele involved, an exuberant technology automatically demands a rampant growth. The importance of digital enhancement can be broken down as briefly as possible into the following:

  • Machine learning ↔ Automation of tools
  • Saving on Administrative Costs
  • Cloud computing
  • Enhanced legal research
  • Efficient filing and repository maintenance
  • Efficient client outreach

Gone are the days when a lawyer would think twice before emailing clients! Lawyers now function as an entrepreneur and integrate technological advancements in their daily dealings with clients – domestic and international.

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