TC Heartland, Legal Trends, One Year Later

E.D.Texas is no longer the Top Place to File, Delaware Leads. This blog post focuses on patent litigation filing trends during the year before and the year after the US Supreme Court venue limiting decision in TC Heartland, issued May 22, 2017.  This is a follow up post to an earlier discussion of the Supreme... Continue Reading →


Kathua Murder Case: An Act of Genocidal Rape?

In mid-January 2018, the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Jammu’s city of Kathua made sporadic headlines across Indian news channels. Series of critiqued conversations and condemnations took place on the issue before the mainstream media finally declared it ‘stale’ to be aired anymore. Three months later, Indians started observing a rather unfamiliar... Continue Reading →

Insider Trading In India: How Is It Regulated?

Securities Market in India is regulated by four giant regulators- Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). While the MCA is responsible for overall policy matters, the other three bodies have specific jobs to do. SEBI is, primarily in charge of... Continue Reading →

Bystander Responsibility in the Context of the Syrian Crisis

The notion of bystander state responsibility Bystander responsibility, very simply put, is a concept under international human rights law which stipulates that nations must protect individuals from atrocities committed by third parties. While scholars agree on the existence of such a notion, there exists considerable disagreement over its application and imposition.[1] The present section analyses... Continue Reading →

Principles relating to Taxation

Introduction Taxation is the inbuilt power of the sovereign, exercised through the legislature, to inflict burden upon subjects and objects within its jurisdiction with an object of raising revenues to carry out the legitimate objects of government. In other words, it is the collection of share of a person’s income, whether natural or legal, by... Continue Reading →

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