Free Webinar: The Art of Winning in Patent Litigation – A Conversation

Patent litigators are faced with an enormous challenge of managing extremely complex disputes—either for the purpose of asserting or invalidating asserted patents—and need to leave no stone unturned in order to maximize their chances for success. Join us on May 31 at 2PM ET for a free webinar, The Art of Winning in Patent Litigation... Continue Reading →


“for Humans if not for Humanity: why animal cruelty should not be allowed to slip under the radar?”

The recent conviction and 5 year sentence, awarded to Salman Khan in the decades old blackbuck poaching case, has brought the often overlooked question of animal cruelty, back into the public eye. Conservationists and experts in the field lauded the judgment, stating that it reinforced the notion that no one is above the law and... Continue Reading →

TC Heartland, Legal Trends, One Year Later

E.D.Texas is no longer the Top Place to File, Delaware Leads. This blog post focuses on patent litigation filing trends during the year before and the year after the US Supreme Court venue limiting decision in TC Heartland, issued May 22, 2017.  This is a follow up post to an earlier discussion of the Supreme... Continue Reading →

Important Judgements – May 2018

The Supreme Court of India, in Common Cause (A Regd. Society) vs. Union of India and Others, has held that the principles relating to the procedure for execution of Advance Directive and provided the guidelines to give effect to passive euthanasia in both circumstances, namely, where there are advance directives and where there are none,... Continue Reading →

Kathua Murder Case: An Act of Genocidal Rape?

In mid-January 2018, the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Jammu’s city of Kathua made sporadic headlines across Indian news channels. Series of critiqued conversations and condemnations took place on the issue before the mainstream media finally declared it ‘stale’ to be aired anymore. Three months later, Indians started observing a rather unfamiliar... Continue Reading →

Legislation Updates – May 2018

New Ordinance:- Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018 Fugitive Economic Offenders Ordinance, 2018 New Regulation:- Consumer Protection (Administrative Control Over the State Commission and the District Forum) Regulations, 2018 Foreign Exchange Management (Cross Border Merger) Regulations, 2018 Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India) Regulations, 2018 New Orders:- Transfer of Property (Vested... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Experience Matters More Than You Think

Chris and Megan are patent attorneys who have spent the last few years knee-deep in patent data trying to improve how patent prosecution is done. Their goal is to bring more transparency to the process so patent attorneys can make decisions that lead to quicker time-lines, better cost efficiencies and better patents now!  Listen to... Continue Reading →

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 – A Synopsis

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 bought a much needed change and substituted the uneven, inconsistent and busted legal structure of the banking institution. The earlier structure which was giving poor results is replaced by act of parliament known as Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 which came into force after receiving the acquiesce of the President... Continue Reading →

Seat of arbitration shall also have exclusive jurisdiction for regulating the arbitral proceedings

Mini Summary Irrespective of where the cause of action arose- where the agreement was executed- or where the parties have their principal offices- seat of arbitration shall have jurisdiction for purposes of regulating the arbitral proceedings. To view the full document, click @ Updates powered by Singh & Associates, Founder— Manoj K. Singh, Advocates &... Continue Reading →

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